Wednesday 21 March 2012

"Nothing Ever Changes"

As the current incumbent of 11 Downing Street is delivering yet another budget that will favour the rich and hammer the poor, he will no doubt remark how well he is steering the UK economy through treacherous waters, and that he must be vigiliant in ensuring that the workers don't get "uppity" and start demanding living wages. And furthermore he will also maintain that by pursuing the current course of belittling the working class , he will ensure that one day, every rich person will reap the rewards of his stewardship.

BUT if you are middle-aged and had "life experiences" the chances are that you will find yourself under-employed or unemployed as the economy follows the traditional Conservative course of low growth, high prices and rampant unemployment.

But this is not a new phenomina. Mr John Crisp, a sixty two year old Walkley resident from Highton Street notes of his census form that he was "formerly a spring-smith but now thrown on' scrap heap for old age"

He said it a hundred years ago though!!

A chorus of "Nothing Ever Changes" is called for

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