Sunday 8 June 2014

At the Eagles Nest - July 1976

I came across these photos the other day. Taken in the infamous summer of  1976, it shows me as a rather youthful 23 year old at The Kehlsteinhaus in the Obersalzberg. It is of course better known as the Eagles Nest, Hitler's mountain-top retreat.

The Eagle’s Nest was originally designed by Martin Bormann as a birthday present for Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday on behalf of the NSDAP (Nazi Party). In fact, Hitler seldom visited the Eagle’s Nest.
In the end, Allied bombing at the end of World War II did not damage the Eagle’s Nest and thanks to the intervention of former Governor Jacob, the Eagle’s Nest was spared being blown up after the war.
Today the Eagle’s Nest remains in its original state.

At a height of over 6000 feet, it is also the highest place I've actually been, and the views are sublime!


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