Monday, 30 June 2014

Rings of Steel - A Social History of Sheffield Boxing

I had this note from my co-author Matthew Bell last week

He is in the process of writing a book with Gary Armstrong) on boxing in Sheffield. Or to be more precise A Social History of Sheffield Boxing. The title of the book is Rings of Steel and includes chapters on John Sullivan and Alfred "Squint" Milner, both of whom appear on my website

 Matt sent me two chapters which I will incorporate into the articles in the next few days 
"The first (chapter) is more about John L. Sullivan's visit to Sheffield (did you know he came again the following March?) and quite a bit on Alfred Milner, who brought world champion contenders Jem Mace, Tom King, Jem Smith and Charley Mitchell to Sheffield before Sullivan came here. Mace could even claim to be unofficial world champion when he visited Sheffield twice in 1864, the second time to raise money for the Sheffield Flood victims".

Matt would love to find a picture of Milner but to date he has had no luck. If anyone can help please contact me .

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