Tuesday, 12 July 2016

George Hartley - St Pauls Church Sheffield 1766

Many years ago I posted an article to the site on the long demolished St Paul's Church Sheffield which used to stand where the Peace Gardens now are

Last week I received this e-mail from a reader of the site

"I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I've come across a reference to a George Hartley who was Organist at St Paul's until his dismissal in 1766. I'm interesting in finding a little more about him, particularly the reason for his dismissal, and hoped that you might have come across this information. If you could please get in touch I'd be most appreciative"

This is the "earliest" query I have ever had - it is 250 years old

I replied " I've looked through my notes and I'm afraid I have nothing on George Hartley and his life. The newspapers in Sheffield at that time (1776) were in effect non-existent, and the national press was in its infancy. I have accessed the British Newspapers Archive C18th Burley Collection through the University and despite using a number of search terms I cannot find a reference to George Hartley.

The next thing I can suggest is contacting the Local Archives in Sheffield. I believe that they hold the Parish registers for St Pauls - they may also have additional information".

And so if anyone can supply me with any information on George Hartley and the circumstances surrounding his dismissal I (and a reader of the site) would be grateful. 


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