Tuesday 31 December 2019

View From A Hill - 31st December 2019

This blog is the 43rd I've posted in 2019 and the 487th blog I have posted since the blog started in November 2010 

But unlike previous years the number of new articles I have posted to the website has plummeted. I have posted quite a few updates to existing articles but it is not the same as posting original material. This may change in 2020 as I am considering the future of both the website and the blog.

The website has been going over twenty years and I have used nearly 90% of my data allowance with the company that hosts it. I am reluctant to increase the data allowance as this would involve additional costs and so the alternative is either a reduction in the size of the site and/or a restructuring of the material. 

I am also aware that as a sole proprietor of both the website and the blog, there is no successor!   

But on a more upbeat note, a big thanks to the readers who have contacted me in the last year,
And so all that remains is to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year

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  1. Hi, Chris -- Thanks for your blog -- and for the recent posts. What you're doing is so important. It definitely gives me a feel for the place where many of my ancestors lived. Happy New Year.