Friday 28 August 2020

"Driver banned after elderrly couple Killed" Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield April 1967

 In 2017 - 2018 I posted a couple of blogs on the life and career of John Lewis Womersley. John was City Architect for Sheffield from 1953 - 1963 and led the team that planned and designed the mixed high-density housing developments, Park Hill (1957-1961) and the Gleadless Valley estate (1955-1962). He was also involved in the building of the now demolished Castle Market.

I had was archived the cutting and but when I retrieved it I found this cutting that was adjacent to it. It was from the Sheffield Star dated April 1967

I cannot really add anything to the report apart from my dumbfounded amazement at the leniency of the sentence. "There is no doubt he was going far too fast" was the keen observation of Mr Justice Veale who then fined the defendent £50 (£635 at 2020) and banned him from driving for 7 years.

Times certainly have changed, and in this instance, for the better 


Births Sep 1897 Nutbrown Harold Sheffield 9c 668

Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page 

Marriages Sep 1931  

Nutbrown  Harold  Pipe  Sheffield  9c 1185  

Pipe  Florence B  Nutbrown  Sheffield  9c 1185  

Deaths Sep 1967 Nutbrown Harold 69 Sheffield 2d 281

Deaths Sep 1967 Nutbrown  Florence B 58 Sheffield  2d 281

In the 1939 National Register Harold and Florence were still at Greenwood Drive Sheffield (no 36).

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