Thursday 9 December 2021

The Grave of Ada Bradley - Wadsley Churchyard Sheffield

Many years ago I posted an article to the site relating to the brutal murder in Sheffield of nurse Ada Bradley (April 1923)

In December 2021 I was asked by a friend if I knew where Ada was buried in Wadsley Churchyard. Quite a few years ago I did attempt to find the grave based on the photograph that was taken at the time of Ada's funeral but without a grave reference it was a thankless task. I was put in touch with volunteers at Wadsley Church who kindly undertook some research into the location of Ada's grave.

This is their reply

"I looked up the grave then and found the only candidate was a grave plot just in the name of Bradley AA82/2 in the 1921 to 1933 section adjacent Prescott Road. It is unusual not to have a christian name in our grave plot records and there is no headstone. 
There is one other possible grave plot, EE46/3 in the 1908 to 1921 section adjacent Vainer Road. This is the grave of Mary Bradley and then Joe H Bradley. Ada`s sister and grandfather?? If Ada was a subsequent burial in this grave she is much more likely to have been unrecorded in the grave plot records. Again no headstone so I have no other information.

My records are based on the grave plot registers. The only other avenue is to check the burial registers which are in Sheffield Archives. As you have Ada`s funeral date this is very easy to find. The entries do not usually mention the grave plot number but there is a tiny chance. Either way there is no headstone to add to your story.

To find AA82/2 enter from Prescott Road and go down the edge of the field to the 22nd row below the path. Bradley plot with no headstone is 3 plots from the boundary wall. We have ten Bradley grave plots in total, 5 with headstones, but I assume you are not interested in them"

A disappointing end to the search and also a surprising one. Given the cruel nature of Ada's death and the very large crowds who attended the funeral I would have expected a headstone or similar memorial but there is none to be found.

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