Monday 20 December 2021

The Suitcase of a Gentleman - Sir Joseph Jonas Sheffield

 In July 2021 I was contacted by a reader of my site and blog who stated

"I am clearing out some items, one of which is a lovely crocodile effect gentleman’s suitcase.  It is generally very good condition with many of the original accessories, some with silver tops and antique ivory handles etc. The front of the suitcase has JONAS on one lock and SHEFFIELD on the other.  I googled this and came up with your fascinating article on Sir Joseph Jonas.

I was about to put the suitcase on Ebay but perhaps there is a better home for it in a museum or at the Jonas Hotel?"

It was a fascinating find and I attempted to put the reader in touch with descendents of Sir Joseph who had contacted me in the past. But they eventually must have decided to place the case on Ebay. It had a starting price bid of £250GBP and I was slightly tempted to buy a piece of Sheffield history. But on reflection the handle was detached and the contents looked incomplete and it would have cost me more money to renovate it. In the end I decided that it just was not worth it. Infortunately I do not know if the case sold and what price it fetched but it is still an interesting item.

Also on Ebay was this note on Sir Joseph - it appears it was removed from a periodical



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