Saturday 23 September 2023

May Simpson at a bus stop in Angel Street Sheffield - late 1960's

 I came across this photograph purely by chance. My daughter saw it on an online newsfeed from the retro section of  the local newspaper and instantly recognised a much loved family member who sadly is no longer with us.

Sadly it was not the man in hot pants carrying an umbrella. And neither was it the man holding a folded newspaper. But just behind the man with a newspaper is my late mother in laws sister May. It is hard to discern what May was thinking but I think I can safely say that she was not impressed with this latest fashion trend!

From the faces of the onlookers he seems to have attracted everyone's attention but no-one is smiling which speaks volumes for Sheffield in the "swinging sixties"

May died in January 2003 and is noted for being the first person in the family to have had a woodland burial.

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