Thursday 13 December 2018

Alma Street Brightside Sheffield - August 1867

I came across this report in The Brecon Reporter and South Wales General Advertiser dated 
3rd August 1867. (The National Library of Wales have placed their newspaper archive on-line and is well worth visiting)

The report appeared under the title SHEFFIELD SENTIMENT.

 The other night a commercial clerk, living in Alma- street, Brightside, Sheffield, beat his litttle boy, 11 years of age, with shocking severity. The child had caused his father a deal of trouble by his propensity to lying. On the other hand, the child has been much repressed at home, and very frequently beaten. His mother is dead, and his father has married again. In consequence of the cruel conduct of the father the neighbours communicated with the police, and the chief-constable sent the child to Dr Young to be examined.

The doctor found his shoulders, back, and loins covered with bruises and bleeding wounds, so that a finger could not be laid on a sound place. In consequence of the doctor's report the father has been brought before the magistrates, but the doctor not being present the case was remanded.

"I suppose, said one of the magistrates to the father, "that we must send the boy back with you, and I hope you can be trusted not to beat him again before tomorrow. I'll never touch him again," said the father, bursting into tears. Upon this the little boy looked up and began to cry too, and said, taking his father's hand,"Don't cry, father I'd sooner go to prison than you should go."

 Thus weeping, the father and child left the court together." 

These are the only details I have at the moment but it would be interesting to know what happened to the family

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