Monday 31 December 2018

Christmas in the Workhouse - Sheffield December 1883

The following is a report that appeared in the Sheffield Independent dated 26th December 1883

"The inmates of the above Workhouse were yesterday provided with their Christmas treat. It consisted, as usual, of the substantial dinner of roast beef and plum pudding. A pint of beer was allowed for everyone except the imbeciles and children. They has coffee, as also did everyone who preferred it. The total number of inmates in the house this Christmas is 1334... after dinner they were briefly and suitably addressed by the Chairman (Ald. Hunter) ....The inmates were then dismissed to their various wards to pass the afternoon in recreation, various friends having kindly sent a quantity of illustrated papers and books for their use. `the old people were supplied with tobacco and snuff and the children with oranges. An excellent tea was given them, and to-day (Wed) there will be a magic lantern entertainment kindly supplied by Mr Rodgers. The Sheffield Pillow Mission sent their usual Christmas present of a letter and illustrated card to each inmate."

As with the previous blog I was going to post a fuller article but found this article about Christmas in the Workhouse which even includes a recipe for a workhouse plum pudding!

But the sentence that shows just how tough life was in the 1880's is this "The total number of inmates in the house this Christmas is 1334" - a staggering total

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  1. Thanks for this description. My ancestor died in a Sheffield workhouse in 1879, but I imagine that everything was much the same. And yes, that's a staggering total of inmates in the workhouse. Hard times.