Thursday, 13 December 2018

John Womersley's house on Bents Drive, Sheffield - April 1967

Just over  a year ago I posted a blog on John Lewis Womersley. John was City Architect for Sheffield from 1953 - 1963 and led the team that planned and designed the mixed high-density housing developments, Park Hill (1957-1961) and the Gleadless Valley estate (1955-1962). He was also involved in the building of the recently demolished Castle Market.  

I came across this cutting whilst I was researching something totally different. It is from The Sheffield Star and is dated April 1967

 Unfortunately the article does not stipulate the number of the house on Bents Drive but the fact that it is a three-bedroomed house with a large secluded garden does seem to indicate that John was not all that taken with the designs and visions of Le Corbusier. 

If anyone could supply me with either the number of the house or a photograph, please contact me. 

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