Thursday 13 December 2018

The Beatles first appearance in Sheffield - Tuesday 2nd April 1963

This is a copy of a poster that has been circulating for years and has been shown to be a fake

The Beatles did not appear there on that date but did appear on Tuesday 2nd April 1963

There is an excellent blog that explains all about what happened and why But when I was in the Local Studies Library the other day, I found this advertisement in The Sheffield Star dated Tuesday 2nd April 1963,

The show did take place but I could find no report of the event in the following nights newspaper. Of course the typos are quite amusing "Tickets at the Noor" and Mark Stone I believe is "Mark Jones"
But the fascinating act has got to be the "Screaming Howling Horror of Fitzalan Sqaure - Count Linsey 111 and The Skeletons,." I wonder what happened to them? 

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