Thursday 31 December 2020

View From A Hill - 31st December 2020

This blog is the 55th I've posted in 2020 which is an increase of 11 on the previous year. I have also managed to post a few articles to the website but not as many as I would have liked. 

I have just received a e-mail from the company that has hosted my website for the best part of 20 years

"Please read the important announcement at

It is with regret that we have to announce that WiserHosting is winding the business down over the next year due to a change of personal circumstances affecting the business owner.
We have been unable to negotiate satisfactory terms for the sale of the business such that disruption to our clients’ hosting services would be minimised. Therefore we have opted to wind the business down over the next year, allowing our hosting clients to migrate existing hosting accounts to another hosting provider in their own time, but before the deadline of 30 November 2021, at which time WiserHosting will cease all web and email hosting services." 

It is a shame as I have never had a problem with the company or its services which counts for a lot nowadays.

But I think that the winding down may have something to do with this event that occurred in September 

"You may be aware that WiserHosting has been under Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) since Tuesday 8 September and we are having to take emergency measures to migrate all of our client sites to a safer datacentre location. We would certainly prefer to give our clients much longer notice but this is not viable in this case."

It must have been a stressful time for the company and one that may have contributed to it's ceasing operations. It is a shame that the UK government is ill-equipped to deal with the perpetrators of such attacks! 

Of course it means that I am going to have to find another hosting company in the spring which should prove to be an interesting experience!  

But on a more upbeat note, a big thanks to the many readers who have contacted me in the last year, I have been able to update a few of the earlier articles on the site with new information which always helps. .  

And so all that remains is to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year with the fervent hope that it is a tad better than this one has been

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