Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Holy Trinity Church (Wicker) Sheffield

 Last week I was contacted by a current member member of theChurch - it is now called The New Testament Church of God. I was asked if I could verify if there had been a graveyard and/or burials at the Church. 

I replied that I'm afraid I had no knowledge of any graveyard being on the site. I thought that it would be highly unlikely for two reasons. One it's very close proximity to the river and two, the "disquiet" about the state and condition of city churchyards at that time. Having said that there may have been special dispensation given for a person or family closely associated to the church to be buried either in the church or within its precincts. Again I have no knowledge of this happening at Holy Trinity.

However afterwards I was rather puzzled and so I did some research and found out that there had been a graveyard at the site but only for a short time. A total of nine burials took place in July and November 1859. It appears that the graveyard at Holy Trinity was opened and then closed after 9 burials because it was decided to use the land for a school building. There is no indication to date to say whether or not the graves were relocated elsewhere. If not they will still be under the school building    

The names of the nine burials are 
Surname                    Forename Title Day Mmonth     Year       Aged     Abode 
BROCKLEHURST  Joseph               06     Jul             1859     73         21 Johnson St
GREAVES                Septimus            21    Aug           1859     60         7 Nursery Lane
HILL                         John                  13     Nov          1859     6w        Andrew St
KILNER                   Thomas             04     Sep           1859     3           40 Marcus St
OSGATHORPE       James                 15     Jul             1859     43         23 Stone St
PRIDDON                James                29     Aug           1859     65         Walker St
SAMPSON               Jane                  18     Oct            1859     8           26 Joiner Lane
SCOTT                     Ann Elizabeth     05    Sep            1859     14m     11 Stockton St
TATUM                    William               26    Aug            1859     48         20 Spital Fields


  1. Sheffield archives have information that the bodies are buried "within the walls" of the church.

  2. Sheffield archives have information that the bodies are buried "within the walls" of the church.