Thursday, 21 December 2017

"A tragedy of youth and inexperience" - Charles and Leonard Brett Sheffield August 1935

This is from the Manchester Guardian dated Saturday 24th August 1935

Drowning in the canal was not an unusual occurence, but what made this accident so tragic was that the younger brother Leonard had dragged his older brother Charles into the deeper water and they had both drowned as a result.

They were buried together in Sheffield's Tinsley Park Cemetery - the funeral took place on Tuesday 27th August 1935

BRETT Charles 27 Aug 1935 14 son of Louisa 11 Southern St Sheffield RC91c
BRETT Leonard 27 Aug 1935 12 son of Louisa 11 Southern St Sheffield RC91c

The boy who attempted to rescue the brothers Robert Partoon lived to be 90 years old. He died in Sheffield in 2013. His older brother Thomas (b1915) was killed in Normandy on 26th June 1944 whilst serving with the Hallamshire Batallion, Yorks and Lancs Regiment

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  1. Robert Partoon was my dad. I knew he'd gone in the canal to rescue someone when he was young but he didn't talk about it so I never knew what really happened. Thanks for this article, Myra Hodgson (nee Partoon)