Thursday, 21 December 2017

The funeral of Colonel Mainwaring - St John's Roman Catholic Church Bath 11th January 1928

The following cutting is from the Manchester Guardian dated 12th January 1928

Colonel Charles Vaughan Mainwaring (1862 - ), Commander, City Battalion
Location: Sheffield  Date: 1914

Until I read the report, I had never heard of the Twelfth Club but there is a reference to it in Peter Warr's excellent book "Sheffield in the Great war and Beyond"

"Previous members of the Twelfth (Sheffield City) Battalion of the York and Lancaster Regiment (the Sheffield Pals) formed the Twelfth Club, taking part in annual memorial services close to 1 July, the initial day of slaughter in the Battle of the Somme, as well as reunion dinners, concerts, dances and other events"

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