Friday, 1 December 2017

Attercliffe Parish Church (Sheffield) and the opening of a Garden of Rest - August 1953

The above photograph is Christ Church Attercliffe which is also referred to as Attercliffe Parish Church. My grandparents were married there on 12th August 1918. However the church was badly damaged in the Sheffield Blitz of December 1940 and was later demolished.

A shame because it was a fine building. But nearly thirteen years later the "Blitzed Church Site" was now "An Oasis". This cutting is from The Sheffield Telegraph dated 13th August 1953, thirty five years after my grandparents wedding.

I have not been to Attercliffe for three years but I cannot remember seeing "an area of pleasant green turf" with salvias and beds of petunias in bloom. I certainly cannot remember seeing a "refreshing spot in the heart of industrial Attercliffe." 

There is an excellent photograph taken in 1959 showing the Garden of Rest and it does look a "refreshing spot." I obviously need to find out its current status for want of a better term



  1. Thanks for the photo - my mother and myself married there and I do remember it being a nice garden. They removed all the headstones and lined the out wall with them, some of my husband's family were buried there but I never found their headstones.

    I am now in New Zealand but when I was back there about 9 years ago I drove through Attercliffe and could not believe my eyes. Also from photos pasted on the Attercliffe/Darnel site everything about the church seems to be in ruins or complete disappeared - such a shame but that's time for you.

  2. My Mum and Dad married at Attercliffe Parish Church in 1958. Can anyone tell me what road it was/is on and whether it is still there?

  3. Love the comments especially the one... "I obviously need to find out its current status for want of a better term"
    We are a group of volunteers who have started to look after three cemeteries in the East end of Sheffield. You can find our group links on Facebook, Friends of Darnall Cemetery, Tinsley park and Attercliffe Christ Church pleasetake time to check these out and share any wedding photos you might have from the weddings taking palce at Attercliffe Christ Church