Saturday 3 February 2018

Tapton Cliffe and Lodge 276 Fulwood Road Sheffield

I came across this postcard of Tapton Cliffe Residential Hotel which was situated at 276 Fulwood Road Sheffield

When I checked I found that the residence is now up for sale at a mere £1.75 million. This agents who are dealing with the sale gave a brief history of the property

"History Tapton Cliffe was constructed around 1864 by JohnYeomans Cowlishaw, a well-known Sheffield Cutler. The house was occupied as a private residence until 1920 when The University of Sheffield purchased the building as a hall for female students and this use continued until 1934 when Tapton Cliffe was converted to a residential hotel.

In 1948 the property was sold to the Secretary of State for Social Services and became the Royal Infirmary Sisters’ Home until 1963. The property remained in the ownership of United Sheffield Hospitals and NHS until 1985 when Tapton Cliffe became a private nursing home turning to Tapton Cliffe Clinic in 1990. Since 1995 the building has been occupied by Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and Blind Veterans UK."

There is a summary of the Cowlishaw Family History on the above link but it appears that John Yeomans Cowlishaw had a tragic end

Sheffield Local Register
23 Jan 1895 Mr. J. Y. Cowlishaw, of Tapton Cliffe, Fulwood Road, shoots himself: Verdict of coroner's jury," Suicide while temporarily insane."
28 Aug 1895 Tapton Cliffe, the residence of the late Mr. J. Y. Cowlishaw, sold to Mr. J. J. Saville for £4500.
25 Oct 1895 The real and personal estate of the late John Yeomans Cowlishaw, of Tapton Cliffe, Sheffield, proved at £63,879.

The sale in 1895 of Tapton Cliffe would be approximately £530,00 at today's prices which gives a good indication of how property prices in the last 120 years have outstripped inflation

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