Friday, 28 February 2020

George Sanby at the River Ancholme near Brigg, Lincolnshire - July 1893

My late grans maiden name was SANBY and over the last 20 years or so of family history research I have acquired quite a lot of information on the SANBY name. In fact most of the Sanby's in Sheffield are related in one way or another.

I found this cutting in the York Herald dated 29th July 1893 under the title ANGLING GOSSIP. The unnamed writer of the article is incensed about the rapid commercialisation of the sport. Whereas at one time fishing was an "honour" nowadays there are proposals for a single match to be worth £100 to the winner (abt £13000 in today's money).

Whilst he admits the he is "old school" and not against matches as such, he bemoans the fact that match fishing by "clubmen" has become increasingly popular, attracting many competitors and spectators.

He then goes onto report on a large fishing match that took place on the  River Ancholme near Brigg, Lincolnshire

My interest is that the person who finished 4th out of 270 in the match was one GEORGE SANBY. I do not know if he was my gran's uncle or cousin but his endeavours at the riverside that day earned him £3 (nearly £400 in today's money) and if he had caught another 2 oz his prize money would have been £5. A sizeable sum of money for a days fishing.

And of course, the writer could not help pointing out that the predominance of the Sheffield men at the top of the match figures was due firstly to their preponderance, and secondly to their good fortune in securing the pegs with the best fishing. The writer certainly does like to carp on about things. !! 

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